Technique Improvement


Tone Savvy

Formerly eMusicTheory, Tone Savvy hasĀ neat tools for sharpening your music skills, including a rhythm tapper game.

Finale Music

You can download Finale Notepad, a free music composition program, from Finale Music. You can also download Finale Performance Assessment (FPA), a new program that allows the directors to create a practice file for a student. The student will be able to use FPA to practice a piece of music. The software will mark student mistakes, and the student can then e-mail the file to the directors. It’s like having a band director there with you when you practice (without the creepy feeling of having one of your teachers at your house).

How to Make First Chair

Resources to help with practice, andĀ information about the book and video series How To Make First Chair.

Metronome Online

A simple metronome for use when practicing.

Music Racer

A cool game where you can see how fast you can name notes or fingerings. The names and schools of the students with the top 50 fastest times are posted on the website!

Ricci Adams’ Music Theory

This is an interactive website teaching music theory with tutorials and trainers.

The Instrumentalist

Publisher of The Instrumentalist magazine, as well as Flute Talk. Both are great resources for students, music educators, and performers.