Honor Band

The Honor Band consists of students with one or more years of playing experience who have achieved an above-average playing level on their instruments and scored well on the audition. Honor Band membership carries increased responsibilities and expectations. Emphasis is placed on the continued development of fundamentals, technique, musicality, and ensemble skills.

Students in the Honor Band will be expected to participate in All-Region Band auditions and the College Station I.S.D. Solo and Ensemble Contest. The Honor Band will give several performances throughout the year. Some performances include a Veterans Day Ceremony, the winter concert, the Pre-UIL Concert, and the elementary school tour concert.

Additional participation by Honor Band members will be the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest, as well as at least one other contest or festival. The Honor Band will perform for a number of school-related functions such as school pep rallies, a PTO Dinner, and for various events at the request of our principal.

Members will be required to keep a weekly practice record for a grade, and they will also be expected to attend section rehearsals and a few clinics in March and April as we prepare for contest.